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Exercise, Where to Start

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Core Essentials Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC.

Participation and Liability Waiver Agreement

We’re thrilled that you’ve signed up to learn with us. 

It's important that we stay safe while learning at home or any other location. You understand that participation in the course instruction is not completely free from risks. 

Core Essentials Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC. “Client”.  “Classes” Class.  As part of its work, Client offers a variety of classes and workshops designed to give students improved knowledge of injury prevention and exercising safely.

This Participation and Liability Waiver Agreement  (“Agreement”) explains possible risks and includes liability waivers, consents, and other legal agreements on your part. Please read carefully to confirm your understanding and agreement, and your acknowledgment that your entry in this Agreement is in consideration of your participation in a Class. 

Risk Associated with Classes 

The course series can involve sustained and vigorous physical activity. I may engage in bending, twisting, leaping, and repetitive movements, all of which place meaningful demands on the human body. I may fall or hit lamps, computers, or other objects in my surroundings. I may be using resistance bands, exercise balls, loops, rope, or other fitness equipment. I may need to move heavy furniture or breakables in order to have enough room to participate. I may not have access to others for help should I get injured or ill. 

As such, I understand that participation in Classes creates risks, and that these risks include risks of bodily injury (such as fractures, concussions, strains, and ligament tears), cardiac events, death, and property damage. I also understand that my own fitness and conditioning may affect my ability to engage in Classes and meet their physical demands, and that I am responsible for the selection, quality, and use of equipment. 

Awareness and Assumption of Risk 

I understand the information above, and confirm and acknowledge that these are risks associated with participation in Classes. With such information and awareness, and with the recognition that other factors may create additional such risks, I knowingly, freely, and voluntarily: (a) enroll in Classes; (b) participate in Classes; and (c) assume and accept the risks of all injury, death, property damage or loss, financial obligation, loss of privacy, loss of reputation, and all other injuries and other consequences, whether known or unknown, whether foreseen or unforeseeable, and whether incurred at my residence or other locations, that may result, directly or indirectly, from my participation in Classes, regardless of the cause. 

Liability Waiver and Release 

I waive and release Client and its directors, officers, agents, employees, volunteers, and affiliates (collectively, “Client Parties”) from any and all liability, claims, costs, and expenses of any kind and of whatever nature which I or my heirs, next of kin, or legal representatives may have or which may later accrue, caused by or arising directly or indirectly from my participation in Classes, including, without limitation, any injuries suffered while participating in Classes or practicing dance on my own, any injuries to other persons, and any property damage that may occur as a result of my engaging in Classes. 

This release and waiver includes, in each such case, all claims in respect of the risks noted above, known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseeable, regardless of the cause or whether such claims arise from tort, contract, or otherwise, and even if caused by negligence, whether passive or active. I will not sue any of the Client Parties on the basis of these waived and released claims. 

Medical Condition; Choice of Class 

I understand that I am solely responsible for knowing my own physical condition and making my own decision about participation, and acknowledge that Client has not made any promises or assurances to me about my ability to participate. I understand that I am responsible for choosing the appropriate level of class and my level of participation. I confirm that I have received all medical examinations necessary to take part in Classes. It is my responsibility to talk to a medical practitioner if I have any questions or health concerns about participating in Classes. 

Class Recordings 

Client conducts its live Classes through Zoom. I understand that if I ask a question or make a comment, I and my surroundings may appear onscreen, and my voice will be heard by participants in the session. I also understand that Client may record live Classes and make the recordings (“Recordings”) available to other participants, and that Client will not edit my image or voice out of any Recording. 

As such, I consent to my image, statements, voice, and surroundings being included in Recordings, and to such use of Recordings by Client. I understand that I will not have the opportunity to review or approve any Recordings and that I will not receive any payment for their use. I understand that Client will own the copyright and all other rights in the Recordings. I waive any legal claims relating to the Recordings, including those relating to copyright, rights of publicity or privacy, or defamation, or arising from any distortion, blurring, or alteration that may occur in the making, editing, or use of the Recordings. 

Online Instruction Methods 

I acknowledge that class and workshop instruction methodologies and videos are the property of Client. I will not record, reproduce, distribute, sell, or otherwise copy or transfer any such Classes without first obtaining the express written consent of Client. 

Others who may be with me during a Class 

I understand that my registration for a Class does not entitle other members of my household, friends, or other individuals (collectively, “Third Parties") to participate in the session. I will be responsible for any Third Parties who do participate. To that end, 

Applicable to Classes and Workshop 

This Agreement will cover my participation in both single Classes and all Classes in a single workshop. 

Whom this Affects; Binding Effect 

This Agreement will be legally binding not only on me but also my heirs, next of kin, and legal representatives, and will run in favor of, and may be enforced by, each of the released parties. It will be binding to the fullest extent permitted by law. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining terms will be effective. This Agreement will be governed by Florida law. 

Affirmation of Age and Legal Capacity 

I affirm that I am of legal age and am freely entering this Agreement (a) either on my behalf or (b) as the parent or legal guardian of the participant and on behalf of my minor child. I have read this Agreement and fully understand that by entering into this Agreement, I am giving up legal rights and/or remedies that may be available to me or, if applicable, the participant, to me, to any other parent or legal guardian of the participant, and to their respective heirs, next of kin, and legal representatives. If entering into this Agreement on behalf of the participant, I certify that I have the authority to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the participant and to make decisions for the participant regarding Classes, and I waive and release Client Parties from any and all liability, claims, costs, and damages of any kind which I may have resulting or arising directly or indirectly from the participant’s participation in Classes.


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